Ella User Videos 2

We got so many videos from our users that we had to create another post just for that. If you haven’t seen users videos post number 1, click here to see it.Here are the videos:

ella – Questions and Answers

In this section, you will find all the questions and answers related to ella project. This section updates on a regular basis.Make sure to check if your question already answered here before trying to contact us: Question: The status shows “Paid” but I can’t see ella Coins in my TrustWallet.Answer: https://ella.fund/how-to-add-ella-fund-token-in-trustwallet/ You need to follow

ella Users Videos

ella users that created videos for helping ella Community Here you will find videos ella users uploaded (and earned more ella as a bonus) to help the community and make ella grow even more. Help with how to open TrustWallet and getting the correct address to receive ella.Comment on the bottom of the page on

Convert Crypto Coins To ella Coins

If you already own crypto coins and want to convert them to ella coins, all you need to do is send them to one of our wallet addresses below + email to support@ella.fund before/after you send them. In the email please write, for example: “I sent 100 USDT to convert them to ella, this is

How To Buy ella with Binance

Please register Binance through this link: Click Here – You must register through that link to get discounts and to buy ella 1. Go to Binance and click [Register]. 2. On the registration page, enter your email address, create a password for your account, and enter the Referral ID (if any). Then, read and agree to the

How To Buy ella.Fund tokens

If 11 years ago you invested 20$ in Bitcoin, today you have 845,000$ that is a FACT.Today you have a chance to invest in a very promising project – ella , Just like the early investors of Bitcoin did. Every coin can be worth a lot in the future. We started with 90 Billion supply

How to add ella.Fund token in TrustWallet

If you need a wallet address for ella coins or bought/received ella and you don’t see them in your TrustWallet, please follow these easy steps: Step 1 – Create Your Wallet Download TrustWallet Application – TrustWallet is a well known free crypto application with millions of users worldwide:For Apple Iphone Users – Click Here To

What to do with ella.Fund tokens

Early Bitcoin holders had many coins in their hands and all they had to do is wait for the value to go up and buy more before the price sky rocketed over the years. Most of them sold it when it was a few cents or dollars. If they we’re buying more instead of selling

Cómo Crear una Billetera para Monedas ella.Fund

Este es un tutorial de 2 minutos sobre cómo abrir una billetera para sus monedas. Paso 1 – Crea Tu Billetera Descargue la aplicación TrustWallet – TrustWallet es una aplicación de cifrado muy conocida con millones de usuarios en todo el mundo:Para usuarios de Apple iPhone – haga clic aquí para descargarPara usuarios de Android

Como Criar uma Carteira para Moedas ella.Fund

Este é um tutorial de 2 minutos sobre como abrir uma carteira para suas moedas. Passo 1 – Crie Sua Carteira Baixe o aplicativo TrustWallet – TrustWallet é um conhecido aplicativo de criptografia com milhões de usuários em todo o mundo.Para usuários de iPhone Apple – Clique aqui para fazer o downloadPara usuários de Android