How To Buy ella.Fund tokens

Please register Binance Through this link: Click Here – You must register through that link to get discounts and to buy ella 1. Go to and click [Register]. 2. On the registration page, enter your email address, create a password for your account, and enter the Referral ID (if any). Then, read and agree to the Terms

Buy ella Tokens With Credit Card

You can buy/sell ella tokens using PancakeSwap OR we have created a simple, 3 steps tutorial, that anyone can understand!Using the benefits of smart contracts is what we do best at ella’s.We offer a direct way to get ella tokens even if you have no clue how to buy crypto, bitcoin or any other digital

How to add ella.Fund token in TrustWallet

If you bought or received ella coins and you don’t see them in your TrustWallet, please follow these easy steps: Open TrustWallet and click on “Receive” 2. click In the search bar and search for ella.Fund 3. Click on “Add Custom Token” 4. Click on “Network” and choose “Smart Chain” then copy and paste this

Como Criar uma Carteira para Moedas ella.Fund

Este é um tutorial de 2 minutos sobre como abrir uma carteira para suas moedas. Passo 1 – Crie Sua Carteira Baixe o aplicativo TrustWallet – TrustWallet é um conhecido aplicativo de criptografia com milhões de usuários em todo o mundo.Para usuários de iPhone Apple – Clique aqui para fazer o downloadPara usuários de Android

How To Create a Wallet For ella.Fund Coins

Follow this detailed tutorial and you will have a working and safe wallet in 2 minutes! Step 1 – Create Your Wallet Download TrustWallet Application – TrustWallet is a well known free crypto application with millions of users worldwide:For Apple Iphone Users – Click Here To DownloadFor Android Users – Click Here To Download Open

ella.Fund Is launched

We are thrilled to offer the world a new way to communicate,pay and receive payments in private, without leaving any traces!And Make Simple Smart Contracts by a few clicks, it’s so simple that even you granny will understand!Website: https://ella.Fund/ Create Betting Contracts, Create Binary options or Payment For online goods ella.Fund can create simple contract