The official contract address of ella.Fund is: Polygon 0x429F49fAeC3d568EF83eC803e02dF78E25d5ee7d

Invest in ella

ella.Fund Investment Opportunity! Below you can purchase ella tokens directly at market price without using exchange or paying high fees. There is a limited quantity you can purchase. These offers are updated daily and can end soon! In the checkout you need to enter your email address (to get payment approval), We will contact you


ella Fund project is looking for investors to push ella to mainstream.More than 2 million registered users, over 100k token holders, more than 50K Telegram users, 600k subscribers to emails. ella is getting closer to mainstream to become world’s largest crypto asset.For a limited time, if you want to own part of ella project with

ella New features

Some of the new features: * Bridge to Convert ella from Polygon network to BSC network. After you use the bridge, you could then swap your ella on BSC to any coin that you want – USDT/BNB/ETH/BTC and more. * Rewards for anyone you referred that invested in ella on BSC or Eth networks. If

Ella User Videos 2

We got so many videos from our users that we had to create another post just for that. If you haven’t seen users videos post number 1, click here to see it.Here are the videos: Next: Go to ella Moon Videos

ella – Questions and Answers

In this section, you will find all the questions and answers related to ella project. This section updates on a regular basis.Make sure to check if your question already answered here before trying to contact us: Question: The status shows “Paid” but I can’t see ella Coins in my TrustWallet.Answer: You need to follow