How to add ella.Fund token in TrustWallet

If you need a wallet address for ella coins or bought/received ella and you don’t see them in your TrustWallet, please follow these easy steps:

Step 1:
Create Your Wallet

Download TrustWallet Application – TrustWallet is a well known free crypto application with millions of users worldwide:
For Apple Iphone Users – Click Here To Download
For Android Users – Click Here To Download

Open TrustWallet App, click on “Create new wallet” and follow their instructions. Important: Please write and store your 12 keywords phrase in a safe place, It’s essential if you ever lose your phone and need to restore your wallet.

Step 2:
Open TrustWallet app and click on the right symbol on top of screen

Step 3:
Click on the “+” symbol

Click on the Network and choose “Polygon”. After you chose Polygon you will see Polygon on Network.

Step 4:
Copy and paste this address in the “Contract Address”:
After you paste the address, all the details of ella coin will be filled automatically in the name, symbol and sometimes decimals. If it ask for decimals fill the number 18 .

Now you will see ella:

and now you will see ella tokens in your wallet main screen!

That’s it! Now you have ella in your TrustWallet main screen and you are ready to receive ella coins!

Step 5:
To get your ella wallet address, click on ella.Fund and click on “Receive”

that’s the wallet address you need to copy.

Go to your personal panel on ella website and click on “Withdrawal”

Paste the wallet address you copied from TrustWallet and click on “Request Payment”.
After you clicked on request payment, you will see “Waiting” payment status below.
Please wait up to 28 hours (usually a lot faster) for your payment status to change from “Waiting” to “Paid”.
The payments usually are

After the payment status changed to “Paid” go to TrustWallet and see your balance of ella!

If you still not able to see ella or you got paid and don’t see the coins in your wallet you can check our official twitter video tutorial here: Twitter Official Video or use the video instructions that ella users created! Click Here to go to the video tutorials

Next: What to do with your ella.Fund tokens?

76 thoughts on “How to add ella.Fund token in TrustWallet”
  • Tünde Szabó

    Nem mutatja a tokeneket

    • Lawrence

      Please can anyone help me with ella fund. Since i transfer my Ella fund into my trust wallet and it’s says paid by when I check in my wallet nothing is showing on my account since i transfer it yesterday please help me

      • admin

        You didn’t add it correctly to TrustWallet, follow the tutorials from our users:

      • Abdulhameed

        Yea….. Same thing happened to me
        I requested for withdrawal yesterday
        It was showing paid on the webpage bt i haven’t seen anything in my wallet…. And am sure i didn’t make any mistake while going through the process

        • admin

          Are you sure you chose Polygon network and not something else? That is the most common mistake.

      • Richimaedin

        Yes, i’m too
        All steps is already done but i don’t see anythings in my ella wallet !

        • admin

          You probably didn’t follow each step, especially on choosing Polygon network. You can also use the many videos we have here.

        • Nomaphelo

          My withdrawal has been on waiting for too long now why is it taking so long though.

          • admin

            Up to 72 hours right now.
            Soon will be faster options.

      • Olu

        Which network did you use? Please, change to polygon network, it will reflect immediately.


      Good day.
      I carefully followed all the steps, pasted the wallet address I copied from your instructions, but when I checked the address to receive Ella it’s not the one I pasted.
      I did it three times and it’s the same…the address is not what I copied and pasted.

  • Adetayo

    Need it for a capital

  • Lehlohonolo

    How do i tranfer to trust wallet

  • Oliver

    I will use it to buy a new cell phone

    • admin

      Buy the most expensive cell phone with your ella.

  • David Okeke

    I love to receive my own ella token bonus,
    So that all my friends will join ella.

  • David Okeke

    I love ella token


    I did not receive my Withrwal yet. Solve my issue pls.

  • Douglas ochigbo

    Tremendous Ella…

  • Fezimalik

    I need ells funds withdraw

  • Aisosa

    Is this token swappable

  • Ibrahim Bello

    What to do with my ella.Fund tokens?

    • admin

      We recommend to HOLD them as long as possible because many burn events are planned. With each burn each ella coin will become more rare.

  • Hemonto Kumar Dey

    How can I withdraw my balance?

    • Tilly

      I want ewallet address, how to get?

      • admin

        Use the instructions on this post or watch user videos on how to do it. It’s super easy if you follow the instructions!

  • Gillian

    How long does it take for the token to reflect in my wallet after withdrawal?
    How do I tranfer my ella fund to my Mastercard

  • Egorewu kit noel eyoh

    Thanks for the introduction i got it well

  • Rosemary

    Please how Will Ella token enter my trust wallet only by adding the it in custom token? Shouldn’t I send my wallet address so that I can receive the token

  • Adongo

    I have made withdrawal but I can’t still see it on the trust wallet account. So how do I get it

  • SKYDON112

    Why did my email must not be published

  • Joshua

    How can I get free air drop

    • Collins Elibariki

      I have made withdrawal but I can’t still see it on the trust wallet account. So how do I get it

  • David

    Thank you for the platform

  • kabelo

    i found add custom token but on network the is no polygon

    • admin

      Do you see Matic? If not, type Polygon in the search bar

  • Martins tersoo mom

    I like it

  • Oyibocha blessing

    I’m confused
    I withdrawed my money
    The money disappeared from my balance
    But I did not find it in my trust wallet
    What must be the problem

  • admin

    Why not?

  • Ngabirano Emmanuel

    I haven’t received my payment,
    How does it take to receive payments

  • Hlengiwe K

    I have a roblem. I withdrew and my fund show that they were paid. But don’t appear on my trust wallet. I have installed and followed the stages of installing trust wallet and Ella fund on my trust wallet. What might be the challenge.

  • Darlington Ehikwe

    Please I need help. Since I withdrew for more than 3 hours, the status has been “waiting”

    • admin

      Payments usually made 3-4 times per day, but can take up to 28 hours in some cases.

      • Ayodele Emmanuel

        I was given a coupon as a gift from… can I use the coupon?

        • admin

          Click on the link, register, and on the deposit page use the coupon.

  • Omary haji

    After following the procedure now all my money enter with my trust wallet now… Bingoooi

  • Binu Babu


  • Angely Alberto

    How many days ,before I received my withdrawal?,does binance polygon wallet be okay to use?

    • admin

      It can take up to 28 hours for pending withdrawal to clear unless you have the PRO account. It’s better to use TrustWallet or MetaMask wallets.

  • Ashok R Dube

    Great sistem great technology congratulations ???

  • Iykemoney

    I love you Ella coin

  • Vusimuzi

    I enjoy Ella fund

  • Aceng Silvia

    Ella is so wonderful, it’s really doing good.

  • Ysrael Payano

    ella Excelente oportunidad para ganar dinero

  • Alhaji umar kale

    Ella excellent good job

  • Sajad

    Amazing project…

  • Samir

    Buenas noches cómo están un saludo desde Colombia ?? hice un retiro de ella ayer pero aún no me llegan los token yo hice el retiro por metamask

    • admin

      Espere hasta 72 horas.

  • nicoleta

    Hi I have connected with MetaMask in Polygon Network, Is same think or I have to use Trust Wallet only? thank you

    • nicoleta

      Thank You, I have received my ella in my MetaMask Wallet today .

    • admin

      You can use MetaMask as well.

  • Saadu Mohammed

    Ella Thanks

  • Muhoza moussa

    I like how ella is work so amazing

  • Piter

    Don`t want a large amount of wallets.
    Coinomi or Exodus also very good choice. Why I`m obliged to download and install Trust? I receiving Polygon (matic) Currency to my Coinomy wallet, why I cannot use it?

    • admin

      Coinomi and Exodus are good wallets but they are centralized wallets. You don’t really control your private keys and can’t import all customized tokens.
      However, You can use MetaMask or Ledger wallets instead.

  • Ezekiel omokaro Atehen

    Good one ella

  • Ezekiel omokaro Atehen

    It’s good to be part of u guys

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