ella New features

Some of the new features:

* Bridge to Convert ella from Polygon network to BSC network. After you use the bridge, you could then swap your ella on BSC to any coin that you want – USDT/BNB/ETH/BTC and more.

* Rewards for anyone you referred that invested in ella on BSC or Eth networks. If someone invested in ella tokens and he’s under your name (signed to ella with your link), you will get 10% immediately, even if you referred that person a year ago! For example: You sent your link to your friend and he registered, you got credit of 10 ella $ in your account. After some time, that person invest 10,000$ in ella tokens, you will get a message from us that 1,000$ USDT are waiting to deliver to your wallet. This will apply to all users and if someone already invested in ella and he is your user…  you will have nice surprise after we announce it.

* Bigger rewards and favorite terms for top ella promoters. Starting from 100 friends and up to 100,000 friend’s super bonuses.

* New sub system that is related to the “Wisdom of the Crowd” polls we do here. We can’t reveal more than that, BUT it’s going to shock everyone.

Didn’t we tell you we are going to change the world together?

Just wait n see.

2 thoughts on “ella New features”
  • Agbonlahor osahon Charles

    Pls I want to buy BNB, or other coins to pay my gas fees for Ella.
    How do I get or buy it in Naira,
    I’m in Nigeria and a Nigerian.
    Pls put me through.

    • admin

      Please do a search on google to get local resutls on how to Buy BNB in Naira.

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