How To Buy ella.Fund tokens

If 12 years ago you invested 1000$ in Bitcoin, today you had 42,000,000$ that is a FACT.
Today you have a chance to invest in a very promising project – ella , Just like the early investors of Bitcoin did
. Every coin can be worth a lot in the future. We started with 90 Billion total supply and plan to burn a lot of that supply with burn events on monthly basis! Current supply as of July 2023: 13.7 Billion only! Meaning each coin will have more value as time passes by. ella is still very new in the crypto space and with the adoption it got, ella will go to the MOON.

You have 3 options to get ella:
1. Sign up for an ella account, share your link with your friends / family / social media and earn ella when they sign up.

2. Using QuickSwap Exchange – however, it can be a bit challenging if you don’t know how to use crypto wallets. More exchanges will be available soon.

3. Register here: FineBox Exchange and then trade – Click Here

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