What to do with ella.Fund tokens

Early Bitcoin holders had many coins in their hands and all they had to do is wait for the value to go up and buy more before the price sky rocketed over the years. Most of them sold it when it was a few cents or dollars. If they we’re buying more instead of selling

ella Invest/Swap/Bridge

If you used the bridge to swap your ella coins or if you invested in ella coins… Here’s what you need to know: After you sent the payment to invest/swap ella to Bsc network, please wait up to 8 hours (usually much faster) to receive ella tradable coins on BSC network (Click here to see

How to add ella BSC (BEP-20) token in TrustWallet

If you need a wallet address for ella coins or bought/received ella and you don’t see them in your TrustWallet, please follow these easy steps: Step 1:Open TrustWallet app and click on the right symbol on top of screen Step2:Click on the “+” symbol Choose “BNB SMART CHAIN” Copy and paste this address in the

ella Expands To More Earning Options

ella is expanding and now we offer to every ella user the opportunity to earn not only ella but also USDT or Bitcoin! As a start you can earn up to 300$ per paid user you refer! And you will see live stats in your panel. How does it work?Enter your personal panel, Click on

ella.Fund Is launched

We are thrilled to offer the world a new way to communicate,pay and receive payments in private, without leaving any traces!And Make Simple Smart Contracts by a few clicks, it’s so simple that even you granny will understand!Website: https://ella.Fund/ Create Betting Contracts, Create Binary options or Payment For online goods ella.Fund can create simple contract