How It Works

ella offers a very unique way to gain coins and trade them.
Click  Here to open free account and then share your personal link found in your personal dashboard with all of your friends / family /online.
The more shares and registrations you get with your link, the more ella coins you will gain in your dashboard! Every time you get 3 registrations from your shares the option to withdraw will appear in your dashboard.
Share your links and everywhere and get passive tokens income straight to your wallet!


Total Supply: 12,974,750,028 (ella started with supply of ~90 Billion coins!)
Full Blockchain transparency!
We Burn Tokens All The Time! Reducing ella total supply will make the value higher over time.
No further Minting (creating new coins) is possible in the contract - unlike other projects that basically can create new coins whenever they want.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ``Burn Status`` for more details.

What is ella?

ella fund cancels the need in mining and replace it with sharing. It's a different approach to gain tokens and by doing that, ella token gets new adopters with every share.

Pay & Receive Smart!

Make simple actions and pay, receive or HODL your coins! ella shop is around the corner with amazing things to buy with ella:
iPhone / Samsung, Gold or silver, Lambo / Ferrari are only partial list of the planned luxurious items that will be available in ella shop. Update about the progress in our telegram channel!

ella Smart Chain

The revolutionary way to share, earn, play games. Even your grandma could do it! One eco-system ella that will change everything related to crypto.

ella Game Changer Sharing

After you register and have an account, it's super easy to share your link and gain passive income. If you share your link online, for example in a forum, youtube, tiktok, facebook or any other social network, you can sit and enjoy passive flow of ella coins to your wallet all day! Some users posted their links in viral videos and enjoying from new registrations every few minutes!

ella Super Security By Using Top Smart Contract

ella uses Polygon blockchain.
Using Polygon network helps credibility and security as they use the latest blockchain technology with super fast and cheap transactions!
ella smart contract is fair and passed every audit test as a fair, secure and reliable contract. ella contract code contains no further minting, freezing or anything that is not legit like many coins on the market!


ella Timeline

ella 2022-2026 Detailed RoadMap:

ella Whitepaper

ella – The first private communication and payment blockchain platform.
Click the image to view ella White Paper.

ella.Fund - WhitePaper

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