ella.Fund Is launched

We are thrilled to offer the world a new way to communicate,
pay and receive payments in private, without leaving any traces!
And Make Simple Smart Contracts by a few clicks, it’s so simple that even you granny will understand!
Website: https://ella.Fund/

Create Betting Contracts, Create Binary options or Payment For online goods

ella.Fund can create simple contract with anyone or a group. Examples:

1. Simple payment for online goods. As a seller, you will give the buyer the confidence that only when the shipping company will approve the delivery the user will pay you.
2. You can create a bet for sport or any event by a few clicks and make money from it.
3. You can create custom Binary option for any finance instrument and sell it to anyone or make arbitrage.

ella.Telegram : https://t.me/ellaFund

ella will be the hottest and most talked about crypto project in the world. We don’t play games and very serious about our statements. Just wait and see.

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