How to add ella BSC (BEP-20) token in TrustWallet

If you need a wallet address for ella coins or bought/received ella and you don’t see them in your TrustWallet, please follow these easy steps:

Step 1:
Open TrustWallet app and click on the right symbol on top of screen

Click on the “+” symbol


Copy and paste this address in the “Contract Address”:
After you paste the address, all the details of ella coin will be filled automatically in the name, symbol and sometimes decimals.
Then click on “Done”

Now you will see ella:

and now you will see ella tokens in your wallet main screen!

That’s it! Now you have ella in your TrustWallet.

If you still not able to see ella or you got paid and don’t see the coins in your wallet, use the video tutorials that ella users created! Click Here to go to the video tutorials

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