How It Works

Dividends – All ella on BNB network receive weekly dividends payouts in USDT right to their wallets! It’s a very unique algo that ella has developed independently using the best blockchain developers!
ella also enables you to communicate without register a phone number or IP on your device. All your communications will be encrypted with thousands of untraceable servers. You can also send and receive payments and create simple smart contracts that even your grandma will understand!


Total Supply: 15,589,000,028 (ella started with supply of ~90 Billion coins)
Full Blockchain transparency!
We Burn Tokens All The Time! Reducing ella total supply will make the value higher over time.
No further Minting (creating new coins) is possible in the contracts - unlike in other projects that basically can create new coins whenever they want making.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on ``Burn Status`` for more details.

Private Account

When you install WhatsApp or Telegram, Your IP address, phone number and location are recorded and stored, ella will maintain your privacy and never keep your IP address, phone number or location. ella Is REALLY PRIVATE!

Pay & Receive Smart!

Make smart simple contracts and pay, receive or hold your money without any trace! Enjoy your instant cut of the network from each transaction that is made.

ella Smart Chain

The revolutionary smart contracts creation, even your grandma can do it! One app that will change the world payments and transactions.

ella Simple Smart Contract

You can create simple contract with anyone or a group. Examples:

1. Simple payment for goods online. As a seller you will give the buyer the confidence that only when the shipping company will approve the delivery the user will pay you.

2. You can create a bet for sports or any event by few a clicks and make money from it.

3. You can create custom Binary options for any finance instrument and sell it to anyone or make arbitrage.

ella Super Security By Using 2 Smart Contracts

ella uses 2 blockchain layer 1 networks. Polygon and BNB.
Using both networks adds to the network credibility and security because they use the latest blockchain technology with super fast and cheap transactions!