Dividends FAQ – All the questions we receive about our crazy ella Super Rewards program. We will post here the most common questions we receive from our users with daily updates:

Question: How long will I receive the dividends?
Answer: We intend to send Lifetime Dividends every week like we are doing for almost a year!

Question: I believe in the future of ella, If I invest now in 500,000 ella on BNB network will I receive ~160$ every week? and for how long?
Answer: Currently ella profits gives the option to expand and pay it with very little chance of decreased amount and probably more of a chance to get even up to x1000 from that amount for years ahead, PLUS the value of the coins can rise up dramatically as ella project grows, so if ella coin value rises to 500$ per coin, do the math, and we plan to be here for lifetime.

Question: What if I don’t supply a wallet address during checkout?
Answer: After you invest in ella, we will contact you by email to help you create a wallet and send the coins, until you verify that you receive them in your wallet.

Question: I have more questions and need support
Answer: If you have any questions only regarding ella Super Rewards Program contact us 24/7/365 at: [email protected]

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