ella Invest/Swap/Bridge

If you used the bridge to swap your ella coins or if you invested in ella coins… Here’s what you need to know:

After you sent the payment to invest/swap ella to Bsc network, please wait up to 8 hours (usually much faster) to receive ella tradable coins on BSC network (Click here to see the latest price) to your wallet.
In the meanwhile, you will need to add ella on BSC (Bep-20) network in order to see them, to do that, please follow the easy instructions here:

After you receive your converted ella coins you can swap them to any coin you want, examples: USDT/BNB/BTC/ETH/DOGE/TRX and many more. If you want to withdraw to your bank, you can exchange them to USDT/BNB, send them to Binance exchange and request withdrawal to your bank account!

With all that, we don’t recommend to sell ella coins in the short period of time, it has been proven many times that the more your coins for long period, their value increases. ella is very promising project and each coin can be valuable in the future, so don’t get caught in the future without ella coins in your bag.

If you have any questions or if you didn’t receive your converted coins, please contact us with the amount of coins you converted and what crypto currency you used to convert them. Contact us Here

4 thoughts on “ella Invest/Swap/Bridge”
  • Yinka Olayinka

    Do you advise that I swap my Ella now or I should leave it as it is now for future benefits ?

    • admin

      We recommend hold it for a long period of time because it’s still early…
      But, if you want, That option is now open for almost all users through the dashboard.
      At your panel, click on the menu and choose “Swap” and follow the instructions.

  • Salvaton


  • Olayinka Samson

    Interesting and nice please let’s proceed

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