Convert Crypto Coins To ella Coins

Option 1:
Use Exchanges – PancakeSwap Or Uniswap:
Click on the image below to buy ella directly from your wallet:

If you need to add ella contract token manually – this is the address of ella on BSC (Bep-20) network or on Ethereum (Erc-20) network:

Option 2:
If you already own crypto coins and want to convert them to ella coins, all you need to do is send them to one of our wallet addresses below + email to [email protected] before/after you send them. In the email please write, for example: “I sent 100 USDT to convert them to ella, this is my BEP-20 wallet address: ” and we will send you back ella coins to your wallet address that you will provide in the email, If you have any doubts just ask before you do it.
The exchange rates will be determined according to time you sent the transaction. If you sent 0.01 btc that in the time you sent it was worth 300$ and ella trading price was 1.5$ you will get back 200 ella coins (300$/1.5$=200).
You can check ella price before you send – Click here to see the price
*Minimum: 10$, do not send less than 10$ worth of coins to convert to ella.

Wallet addresses:

BNB (BEP-20):



USDT Erc-20:

USDT Trc-20 (tron):

USDT Bep-20:


If you have other crypto coins that are not on the list above, contact us and we’ll try to help.

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