Buy ella Tokens With Credit Card

You can buy/sell ella tokens using PancakeSwap OR we have created a simple, 3 steps tutorial, that anyone can understand!
Using the benefits of smart contracts is what we do best at ella’s.
We offer a direct way to get ella tokens even if you have no clue how to buy crypto, bitcoin or any other digital asset.
Follow this tutorial and within 5 minutes you will have ella.Fund tokens in your account – There is a minimum amount of 0.2 BNB to buy ella tokens using this method.

Step 1 – Create Your Wallet

Download TrustWallet Application – TrustWallet is a well known crypto application with millions of users worldwide:
For Apple Iphone Users – Click Here To Download
For Android Users – Click Here To Download

Open TrustWallet App, click on “Create new wallet” and follow their instructions. Important: Please write and store your 12 keywords phrase in a safe place, It’s essential if you ever lose your phone and need to restore your wallet.

Step 2 – Buy BNB

Once your wallet is ready for use, Click on Buy and then choose “BNB”. Select the amount you want to Buy (Min 0.2 BNB) and then you will be taken to a secure page to finish your order.

Find the Buy button and press it

Step 3 – Convert BNB to ella.Fund tokens

That is super easy and fast – go to TrustWallet home screen, press on BNB, then “Send”, In the recipient Address copy this address and paste it: 0x721bFd5decA5237FcB24189b391Eada495423bb1
In the amount enter MAX or 0.2 BNB, Click continue on the top of the screen from the left and then confirm. That’s it!
Now all you need to do is wait between 3 minutes – 7 hours (depending on the network load) and you’ll receive ella.Fund tokens right into your TrustWallet!

For any question you can contact us at: support@ella.Fund

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